My Microsoft Stark Mouse Jumps Erratically Every 10-15 Minutes
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Microsoft Stark Mouse. Very cool, but also very broken. [mi]

I bought a Microsoft S+arck mouse earlier this week for my powerbook. Great design, easy to carry with the laptop. Unfortunately, every 10-15 minutes, when I move the mouse down and to the left the pointer jumps all over the place and ends up on the far side of my screen. I have installed the Microsoft drivers for OSX. Microsoft wants me to have a corporate support contract before I can email them. All the current Microsoft employees I know work for Visual Studio, none in any of the support divisions. (BTW, I'm using a wacom tablet as the pad, but this behavior is reproducable on any surface)

Do I have to give up the S+arck and go back to my Wacom tablet (just as nice, but not so good for travel)? Does your S+arck mouse have the same problem? On a mac? on a PC?
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The mouse is broken. A loose wire where the cable attaches to the mouse can cause these symptoms. Surely you can return it for another one.
posted by kindall at 8:27 PM on November 11, 2004

I saw a picture of one of the Stark mouses* with a frayed cable on one of the Mac fanboy sites. The comments lead me to believe it is not an isolated incident. Definitely take it back to the store.

* I know I should use mouses there rather than mice, but it just looks bad.
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It's funny, this is the same sort of problem Microsoft had with their original Explorer mice. I wonder who their OEM is, and why they didn't fire them after the Explorer debacle?
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Nearly bought a Stark mouse the other week - great design but am now glad I didn't buy it if it appears to be a regular fault
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