Help Me Change QuickBooks Display Fonts
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Help! I can't read the display font size in QuickBooks Pro 2008!

I had to resize my Windows XP desktop to allow me to view the Bank of America web site without it scrolling left/right. When I did that, the font sizes went all teeny-tiny. I can deal with that in my web browser, but I can't find any way to change that in Quick Books.

When I checked Quick Books help, it didn't help. All it talks about is how to change the fonts on reports, invoices, and stuff like that. When I checked Intuit's online boards, I found references to editing a QBW.INI file for Quick Books 2006 to add a 'fonts' section; that file doesn't seem to exist anymore in the 2008 version. Other replies on the Intuit boards are not helpful; they basically say to adjust your Windows screen resolution so that you can read the display. But if I do that, then I go back to my original problem with the browser (and other programs) that need a higher screen resolution...

What to do?
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As a tech support guy, I get questions like this all the time.

This isn't a polite answer, but it's often a true answer.

You need to have your eyes checked. Unless you're on a very small monitor, fonts should be completely readable at the resolution most web sites are designed for. If you can tell us what size your monitor is and what resolution you're at, I can give you a more complete answer.
posted by Oktober at 10:10 AM on March 17, 2009

Have you tried calling Intuit support, or posting your specific question on the Intuit webboards?
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Response by poster: Oktober, my eyes have been checked; I just got new glasses in December. :-) The problem isn't the readability of the web sites; it's the design that renders content larger than my screen if the display resolution is low. In this case, BofA has a left sidebar, and it also has new-bills/messages/login/logout/etc controls that are at the upper right past the right edge of the screen if my resolution is low. It's a 17" monitor which (this morning) I upped to 1280x800. That takes care of BofA (and similar web sites) but causes QuickBooks to have tiny text.

rhizome, the question has been already been asked and answered on the Intuit webboards. Their answer is to change the Windows screen resolution. Sorry if my initial post was not clear on that point. Apparently Intuit has optimized QB to run on lower resolution screens...?

I may just suck it up and go back to the way it was before, but I was hoping that someone had dealt with this and found some secret registry setting or other trick to allow you customize the QB display.
posted by Robert Angelo at 12:01 PM on March 17, 2009

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