Where have you found reasonably priced, good quality furniture in NYC?
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Pursuant to Lumpenprole's Rule of NYC #4, where have you found reasonably priced, good quality furniture in NYC? [mi]

I am specifically in search of a well-made solid wood dining table.

I'm a resourceful person. I check craigslist. I have a gorgeous corner bookshelf I found on the street. I know all about all the chains: IKEA, Door Store, Ethan Allen, Pottery Barn/West Elm, Crate & Barrel, ABC Carpet & Home, and all their corporate brethren. I also know about Basics and Straight from the Crate and the various knockoff/futon places on lower Broadway. And of course there are department stores like Macy's and Bloomingdales. These are not what I seek.

Point is: every so often I come across an independent shop that has really lovely, well-made furniture that is reasonably priced. Here's one, for example, in Tribeca. There must be others, but I don't know where to find them and Google only taunts me.

You know where they are. Please prove Lumpenprole's Thesis #4 (ask, ask, ask) right and share your secrets.
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This probably isn't what you're looking for, but I've managed to furnish my entire apartment with some very nice, well coordinated furniture, simply by cruising the UWS on weekday afternoons, looking for rich peoples' leavings. If you've got a strong back and some patient friends, the world is your oyster.

Now that I think about it, those are words to live by no matter what.

Happy hunting!
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Three words:

Garbage Night. Sidewalks.
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sidewalks, Housing Works, and the stores on Atlantic Ave. (all hit or miss tho)
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Garbage Night. Sidewalks.

... in a neighborhood that's economically above yours, so if you are in Brooklyn, try Park Slope, if you are in Jersey City, try Hoboken. Also, try the NYU neighborhoods at the end of the school year and you'll get the best stuff. It's the rich kids throwing out their nearly-new IKEA and pottery barn stuff. I used to scavenge Princeton at the end of the year, and I have some furniture from there, that I could barely afford for myself now (even with a real job)

hint: keep the number for a man-with-a-van or minivan taxi in your wallet so that when you find something worthwhile you can actually get it home with little fuss (apologies for the long, possibly off-topic options, but I loves me some dumpster diving)

Also, if you can haggle, and they have something you want - any one of those nameless futon places downtown will prove to be quite the bargain.
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I stumbled across a great place called From the Source in D.U.M.B.O. They import teak and other hardwood furniture. It was reasonably priced compared to catalog retailers like Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel. I live in Atlanta and found myself wishing for a local version of this store. Two NYC locations - 65 Jay St. Brooklyn / 104 W 17th St. Manhattan
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I second From the Source. If you're down in DUMBO, it can't hurt to check out the ABC Home Furnishings Outlet. They sell the floor models and are a bit cheaper than the (outrageously overpriced) flagship store. The Xiao Ping website doesn't seem to provide prices, so I'm not sure what you're comfortable spending.

If you're okay with buying castoffs, one place you might want to check out is St. George's Thrift Shop in Gramercy Park. Also, the Salvation Army on West 46th Street (and like 10th Ave?) OR the one off of Gates Avenue (at Downing St.) in Clinton Hill (which also happens to be across from this house, which is alone worth the trip.)
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Response by poster: Aha! From the Source is exactly the sort of place I was looking for...and in fact, would have been *my* little NY secret to share, too, had I been able to find their site. The SO and I have already purchased 3 bookcases from them!

We're more than happy to purchase castoffs from second-hand stores and will be sure to check out those suggested (plus that crazy house). If anyone does come up with any other independents, please let me know...
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Oh, also, another thought I just had: There are a number of "antiques" stores in Williamsburg, on Wythe between Grand and like S. 2. (See here for details.) I think Moon River Chattel in particular is lovely, but it's not a bargain.
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