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FirefoxFilter: Is there any extension or option (even if it requires hand editing) that would allow me to have Bookmarks open in a new tab by default (instead of rightclicking and selecting this from the context menu)? I'm really surprised none of the tab extensions include this option.
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Clicking with my middle mouse button (scroll wheel) is what I use to open new tabs. If I click a link with my middle mouse button, it also opens a new tab. Hopefully this works for you.
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Middle-click, ctrl-click with single-window mode enabled?

Tab Browser Extensions used to have the option, but most people don't use it anymore.
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Tabbrowser Extensions does this. I wrongly, just a few minutes ago, said it had not been updated for Firefox 1.0, but it has.
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Thanks Mo Nickels, that was exactly what I was looking for earlier.
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Middle-clicking the bookmark will make it open in the new tab (in version 1.0 at least). I just tried it myself. Likewise, middle-clicking the bookmark folder will open all those bookmarks in new tabs (but it'll replace all the currently open tabs in your window).
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The Tabbrowser Extension does *almost* exactly what I want. In the General menu of the extension's preferences, under the part marked Window Mode, there are three options. The second one, "Use multiple windows only for my request," looks like it should be the one that I want, which is to have multiple windows, with multiple tabs, and have any URI requests from external applications load in a new tab in the frontmost window. However, it doesn't do that. It loads external URI requests in the currently selected tab, replacing whatever is already there. The third option, "Use only one window always (Single Window Mode)" also isn't right: it doesn't allow the creation of a new window *at all*, including replacing the menu item and keyboard command for "New Window" with those for "New Tab."

So my question is: is there a way to get what I want? Multiple windows opened at will by me, each window with multiple tabs, and all external URI requests which are directed to the browser open in a new tab, they do not re-use or overwrite any existing tabs or windows.
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What about Tabbrowser Extension versus Tabbrowser Preferences? Do they clash? Is one superior to the other? (I'll probably go answer these questions for myself as soon as I hang up, but...)
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OK, partially answered my own question: Tabbrowser Preferences doesn't seem to really work on NT, since its Options dialog does not provide a "save" or "close" button -- i.e., you can click to set options, but you can't apply them.

Tabbrowser Extension is much, much more extensive, and may incur an increased memory hit, but it does have more geegaws to play with, that's for sure.
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lodurr, no help from me on the comparison but I ran into the same 'no button' issue and wrote the developer. The answer is that you don't directly access TBP options from the Extensions dialog but look at your normal Options dialog and click to the Tabbed Browsing section, where they also appear but this time with buttons you can use.

having said this, I would also appreciate a comparison of the two.
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I had Tabbrowser Extension and then upgraded to 1.0 and got Tabbrowser Preferences. I didn't realize until just now that there were two different extensions. I've been wondering why I lost the ability to open bookmarks in new tabs.

In comparison I like both except for TB Prefs lack of ability to open bookmarks in new tabs. I'm afraid to install both of them as they'll probably clash (right?) so for now I'll keep using the middle button to do it.
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FYI, this not such good bit from the developer of TBP:

People who are upgrading from TBP 0.6.14 (see the warning below) will note that the latest versions of TBP no longer allow the user to open their bookmarks in tabs. This was removed because of major issues uncovered when the modification was made. Anyone who wishes to maintain this functionality needs to use the miniT extension, available from The Extensions Mirror.
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