I want a better jacket for the rainy uk
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JacketFilter: I live in the UK where it rains all the time, but I like to hike and bike so I'd like to upgrade my jacket to one with features that let one stay cool while active (such as breathable fabric and pit/core zips), but still has many pockets. [mi]

I have become addicted to the sheer number and size of pockets that my current jacket has. I usually keep a compact umbrella and 0.5 L water bottle in the two chest pockets, gloves and a fleece hat in the waist pockets and maps in the zipping pockets by my waist. I went to the REI in Dallas (stuff in the States is cheaper) but none of their jackets were right. Either there weren't enough pockets or one large enough to fit the umbrella, or with all that stuff crammed in I looked and felt like the Stay-Puft Marshallow Man--just forget about the maps and water bottle.

Am I doomed to need a separate jacket just for active stuff? Or is there something out there that provides a golden mean?
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I can't speak to the pocket issue but I'd recommend you check out Mountain Equipment Co-op in Canada. For breathable fabric, check out the triple layered Gore-Tex jackets. Perhaps send their customer service people an email if you can't tell the pocket situation from the site.
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do you bike for as long as you hike? for me, biking is pretty intensive for 3 or 4 hours, while hiking could be several days. that means very different clothing. for cycling, my sister (who cycles much more than me, in the uk rain too) swears by "ground effect" (i think they have a web store - australian, but they ship to uk and chile) - she's bought me shorts and ashirt from there and they were nicely made, but i don't know if they do jackets.
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Arc'teryx makes some sick jackets.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions. Biking is for several hours, hiking for a whole day (but usually not more than one).
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I know that Mountain Hardwear has some great outer layers with lots of pockets. Expensive but amazing.
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I've never liked Mountain Hardwear gear. I have gloves and a sleeping bag by them.

On the other hand, as cliche as it is, my North Face jacket is my 'do-everything' jacket. It's gore-tex, with a thick nylon outer shell. It's very waterproof (and I live in Portland, Oregon ... so that's saying something) and it breathes well. I wear it with or without the zip-in fleece liner for everything from a summer windbreaker and beach wind jacket to downhill skiing and snowboarding on Mt. Hood. I would most certainly check out their gear; surely they have one by now that has more pockets than just the two (albiet large enough for a water bottle) chest pockets that mine has.
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