Aperture metadata -> iPhoto?
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Can you export photos from Aperture to iPhoto with metadata?

I've just started shooting in RAW and using Aperture to edit my photos, however, they take up so much space that I want to edit the current project in Aperture, then export high quality jpegs to iPhoto, and then delete the RAW files that Aperture uses.

I've figured out how to do this (it's not as obvious as you'd think – aperture prefers to export it's low quality 'preview' images), but I can't get the metadata to go across with the images (the star rating, tags, etc).

Does anyone know how to do this? Are there other solutions that would suit me?
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It seems to be from the results of a google search that *some* of the metadata is saved but only if your'e running the most current versions.

I want to do this same workflow - and I think the way is to edit, sift, get your best pictures in Aperture, back them up...and then move the 'best' to iphoto (via the media browser + import) and then delete the original aperture project.
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That was the idea yeah. It's really surprising Apple doesn't make this easier.
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