iPhone 3G and SYNC by Microsoft in Canada
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[New(ish) car filter] I'm likely buying a lightly used Ford Fusion SEL this week to replace my wrecked Pontiac Wave (Chev Aveo outside Canada) and I'm looking for feedback from owners.

Long story short, wrecking my little econobox is turning out great in the end as I'm getting enough back from the insurance to put me into a much larger Ford Fusion with better features and more room. My question stems from the SYNC by Microsoft system that is installed. It's the version that doesn't have the navigation and I'm looking for answers from people with direct experience with it.

I'm wondering if the hands free bluetooth and voice activated phone and media features work with an iPhone 3g running the latest firmware on Rogers in Canada, and what features do/don't work?

The Sync My Ride site lists some older firmware iPhones on US carriers as being compatible with limited functionality, but I was hoping that with software updates to both SYNC and the iPhone that the support has gotten better. Any insight would be appreciated as hands free is mandatory in one of my major traveling locations and I'd love to use this with my iPhone.
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I have a new Focus with Sync, and have used it seamlessly with two blackberries and a samsung phone. I have not used it with an iPhone, though. Can you go to a local dealer and try it on one of their cars? Once you sync the phone up, you can also delete it from the vehicle, and you can also tell the vehicle not to sync the phone book if you're worried about privacy (i would assume if it's deleted, it's deleted, but you should obviously be careful.)
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