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I am a frequent reader of Chowhound's message boards but the several-megabytes-long message index pages are a huge pain in the ass. I usually let the whole index load and then open threads into new windows/tabs, but that's not an entirely convenient situation. Does anyone know of a Firefox extension or other work-around that will let me load some specified fraction of a specific page whenever I go to it? Then I could always load only, say, the first (and newest) 100K worth of messages on Chowhound.
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I can't help you with your specific suggestion, but I don't let the whole page load when I read chowhound. I just hit my bookmark for it, and as soon as the first section of the page becomes visible, I hit 'stop'. I get a small portion of the page, but certainly anything that's likely to have any new posts in it.
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Why don't you use the hotposts page? It only shows you the new messages after a specific date.
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