Help me find the right online personal accounting software
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Which online personal financial software/web site offers 'old school' checkbook ledger-type functionality?

I'm old enough that I grew up in the age where you entered your transactions in your checkbook ledger as you made them and then reconciled your ledger to your bank statement. I've used Quicken for a decade to do basically the same thing in a software version.

Plus, I'm a control freak and want to know exactly how much money I have actually spent--not just what my current balance is.

Now, I'd like to move from Quicken to an online application and would like to continue to manage my bank accounts 'old school.'

I've tried and Quicken online, but they both only really support account management without (or with minimal) manual entry.

I would still like the app to get my bank account feed, but I'd like it to work like old-style reconciling: match my entries up with the bank's cleared transactions.

iPhone support would be a big plus.
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Expensr might be what you're looking for, since you can use it entirely w/ manual entry. No meaningful iPhone support as far as I'm aware though.
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The new online version of PearBudget looks like it might do what you want.
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Clarity Accounting is aimed at small office/home office bookkeeping but does everything you want other than IPhone support. I love it. It's very easy to use, and you get a 30 day trial before giving your credit card number.
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Use Yodlee's MoneyCenter app.

They make the software that powers many bank's online services, as well as the back-end for Mint.
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