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Where can I buy a discontinued 11C90 650 MHz prescaler? This is for reverse engineering a SR-2020 mystery receiver that a friend of mine has been working on. Any information on this will be very much appreciated. Bonus hand drawn analog circuit diagrams.

There's some more numbers associated with the 11C90 however I'm not sure what they mean: U5.75H90. It appears to be discontinued sometime in 2001, however I can only find these for sale in bulk quantities. I'm really just after one or two of these, not a giant stack. The photo set is of a mystery receiver being reverse engineered by a friend of mine. It appears to be of military origin and it and a twin were purchased in Australia at a junk sale. He's been working on it for a number of years as a hobby and has managed to coax quite a bit of life out of it. He'd be extremely interested in any information, no matter how oblique.
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Best answer: Someone on one of the sci.electronics groups (I'd say .misc) might be able to tell you of a non-discontinued equivalent, or have a couple in their junk drawer they'd be willing to send you.
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Best answer: An old Tandy/RS databook I have (which I also don't particularly trust) lists the SP8680 as a pin-compatible equivalent - these guys have it listed for €35.

Alternately, these other guys have the 11C90 listed. I've ordered the odd part from them over the years with varying success, mostly old Philips & NatSemi parts. Note: my first attempts to contact them years ago went unresponded, and I was only able to order from them by co-opting a Dutch-speaking friend.
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Best answer: National Semiconductor suggests contacting Rochester Electronics. They appear to have the 11C90DM in stock.
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