Help me watch the Washington Huskies in NYC!
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Where can I watch the Huskies - ASU game tonight in NYC? We're PAC-10 NCAA fans, but so far I can't find a sports bar in Queens or anywhere else in NYC that will show the game.
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Dubious. Yeah most places will be showing the BET tonight - but every sports bar will have multiple TVs and will let you put the game on you want especially if you are a crowd who will be drinking. The Pac-10 tourney is on MSG+ which every bar in NY w/ a TV gets.

As far as specific bars that will be hosting something it took me 15 seconds to google "PAC-10 Bars NYC" and clicking on 2 links to figure out what bars ASU fans are watching it at.
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Buffalo Wild Wings. There's one in Brooklyn about 10+ miles or so from Queens if you're willing to go that far. Other than that you can go in the city and go to ESPN zone but it gets pretty packed Friday nights.
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Response by poster: Thanks very much. Will probably try BWW.
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