Making a big list of online news media archives
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What are your favorite places to find archived news footage and imagery online for free? Looking to put together a list of sites for communications studies students to help them approximate the functionality of the Vanderbilt Television News Archive without spending hours hunting on YouTube for media to critique.

Through other AskMe questions, I've found a few strategies, like searching, the CBC & WGBH archives, and using British Pathe's news (which goes up to the 70s), and I'm familiar with the watchdog sites like Media Matters for America and Media Research Center. These are pretty much along the lines of what I'm looking for, even if tehy require disclaimers-- offering something other than just "search YouTube".

Historical and contemporary sources are both great, even if they come from the news organizations themselves. Format is not a big deal, nor is completeness of the archive.
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The Prelinger Archive contains some newsreel footage, and is generally fabulous.
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