Seeking Justice in Paris
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Paris Electro Clubs?

Any recommendations for clubs playing french electro (or however you might categorize Justice, Teenage Bad Girl, Yelle, DatA, DJ Mehdi and their ilk) in Paris?

Neighborhood unimportant.
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Best answer: Paris Social Club, Rex Club, Showcase (Pont Alexandre III), Chacha, Flèche d'Or (20ème), and occasionally Nouveau Casino (11ème) . You'll need to check their respective agendas to see what they're doing on a particular night. Most of these places will usually have long lines and will be difficult to get into depending on various factors, like the guy/girl ratio of your group (for flèche d'or, you could always show up early for the free concert and stay afterwards for the clubbing. There's rarely a line for the concerts).

There's also Le Régine which can often be really difficult to get into, but there's a chance you might actually run into some of the people you mentioned there.
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Best answer: Le Batofar next to the Bibliotheque Nationale has a very varied lineup of nights including some very good techno / electro. Again check their schedule . . .

It's also one of the two or three most enjoyable venues I've ever been to - it's an old Irish Sea lightboat moored on the Seine. In my experience it's also much friendlier, less picky to get into and much much cheaper to drink in than almost any other nightspot in Paris.

The after parties on the quay on summer weekends are also well worth checking out.
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Best answer: the Batofar is cool.
the Justices/Ed Banger crew afaik hung out at a club called Le Paris Paris.
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