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I've been doing some cross-stitch after a break, and have been enjoying it. Where can I find some cool, non-chintzy designs? Especially if something other than cards or big projects. Recommendations for pattern software good too!

I did the blackwork Mucha lady from this book a few years back and really liked it, but I'd like some small projects too. I know there's one site that does swear cross-stitch, but it seems a bit naff - I'm looking for the cross-stitch equivalent of Sublime Stitching (I can't embroider freehand yet, but really love the designs on there).
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They're a little simplistic and sweary, but maybe Subversive Cross-Stitch is up your alley?

If you're into video games at all, check out the Sprite Stitch blog for some patterns and general inspiration.
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(Oops, didn't read the question thoroughly enough, it looks like you've seen Subversive already.)
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knitPro converts graphic files to charts. It has an option to do a 1:1 ratio (for cross stitch).

I haven't tried it so I can't vouch for the results.
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Two sites I love are Cross-stitch Art (nice art from around the world; usually fairly easy designs--lots of small stuff and even the big ones are not hard, just long) and Scarlet Quince (converts famous paintings to cross-stitch. Most are big projects and quite difficult but they do have some easier and smaller things).
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This woman does unique patterns and will also do custom designs like this one she made for me.
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Response by poster: I've tried KnitPro, but it won't let you specialise the size. I've tried two programs on - can#t remember the names off the top of my head - and both looked good if
I wanted to scan a picture in, but not as good for drawing/planning my own work.
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While not specifically cross-stitch, Kaffe Fassett's knitting, needlepoint, and other designs might give you some inspiration of new ways to think about patterns and designs.
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Ooh, I have that Art Nouveau Cross-Stitch book and I've been wanting to do the blackwork lady! I like "Cross Stitch Designs from India" too. Any of the Jane Greenoff books will have a good mix of large and small projects.

I'm always on the lookout for modern-looking samplers. I love these from Papillon Designs and Loopylou Designs.

Designs by Chatelaine and Mirabilia are really popular.

I looked into MacStitch/WinStitch at one point, but balked at the price tag. If you find good design software, let us know!
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I've been using PatternMaker for charting for years and years. PCStitch is another popular charting program. (PC only, sorry)

Monsterbubbles has some irreverent, non cutesy XS designs. (Love the designs, hate hate hate the website.)

Lizzy*Kate, M Designs, and SamSarah designs are also less traditional than many. Bent Creek designs are sometimes cutesy, but sometimes not. (No link, as their website seems to be broken.)

Cross Stitch Art and Art Stitch have some nice Deco and Nouveau designs. Ink Circles has some insanely complex designs, but also some that are more straightforward. Long Dog Samplers are contemporary samplers.
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superbuzzy has some cute Japanese cross stich patterns

alice in wonderland!

Gera Cross Stitch - Matryoshka

Gera Cross Stitch - Hansel and Gretel
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There are a lot of nice blackwork designs from Leon Conrad
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I recommend investing in a book. I bought a book of like, 1000 small cross-stitch designs at Michael's for about $20. I periodically pick designs out of there to stitch. Most are pretty traditional but it gives you a good starting point.

I would also encourage you to design your own! If you google Cross-stitch alphabets you can find lots of pretty fonts. Combine a funny saying with a cute little design! Or just a funny saying with a little border or something. I've made a bunch of things for friends with inside jokes. A lot of people use the computer to design but I prefer to use graph paper. I draw out all the elements, then cut them out, lay them out on a larger piece of graph paper and tape together.
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I've done a couple of these Lowry cross stitches (random link), and been really happy with the results. The ones I've done (which actually don't seem to be on these pages) were a little bigger than postcard sized.
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