Best cheese in Paris?
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What cheese shops should not be missed in Paris?

We're in Paris in early April and want to have great cheese experiences. Where should we go?
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If you're there on 27-30 March, you should not miss the salon aux vins des vigneron-independant---a massive independent wine fair.
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AH! You beat me! I'll be in Paris at the end of March and was going to post a question re: what restaurants shouldn't be missed.

A friend of mine has recommended that I not miss Rue Cler, a street filled with shops and markets. I looked it up on Google and came up with this link. It lists a couple of cheese shops that sound fabulous.

I know where I'm spending my first day in Paris!
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I highly recommend chez Gladines, #7 on about's best budget restaurants.

I don't know about cheese specifically, but you should get advice since Paris has people poor quality cheese too. I've found good stuff at various places on Rue Mouffetard, which seem overpriced but cute. I often find a reputable street market and buy from the places with long lines of old ladies.
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Good blog for Paris restaurants
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Fromagerie Androu√ęt on Rue Mouffetard did right by me when I was there last September. There's a bunch of shops and restaurants on the street as well, which make it a nice outing overall.
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Part of what's fabulous about Paris is you can have a great cheese experience in so many places. Honestly if you're walking around a neighbourhood and see nice cheese in the window, just go in and buy some. A useful word to look for is "affinage"; that suggests the shop is buying and aging cheeses themselves.

When I was living in Paris my favourite shop was La Ferme Saint-Aubin, on the Ile St. Louis at 76 Rue Saint-Louis en l'Ile. It's on the main street running across the little island, on the north side of the street. Despite the touristy location it had a fantastic selection of well aged cheeses and friendly staff. Here's a good photo of the cheeses.

If the weather is good, a nice little outing is to go to Notre Dame, then stroll east to the Ile St. Louis. Buy some cheese, then go up a couple of storefronts to the Boulangerie Saint Louis for a baguette. You can also buy a modest wine across the street at the little grocery or walk down to Nicolas for a nicer wine (this part of the plan requires your own corkscrew and glasses). Then take it all down to the side of the river and sit and have a little picnic and enjoy the fresh air. Afterwards have some ice cream from Berthillon.
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rye bread beat me to the great Androuet, which I'll second. I picked out some cheese and told them I was taking it for a picnic -- they gently took away one of of my choices, informing me that it wasn't at its best when eaten outside.
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