Oh No! I Can't Find Oh No!
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Music-filter: Anyone know a downtempo electronica artist called "oh no" (or "o no" or "ohno" or..)?

I was just at a cafe and I really liked the music they were playing. It was light, electronica music, if I had to describe it. The one track I remember sounded like they sampled an old french song and sped it up (so it sounded high-pitched'ish).

I asked the barista what was playing and he said the artist was "oh no" and described the music as downtempo. I went back home and googled "oh no" "o no" "ohno" and "o no" to no avail.

The closest I found was "Oh No Numo". While it sounds sort of similar, I'm pretty sure this isn't what I'm looking for.

Does anyone know what I heard?
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Oh no! Oh my!

(Listen to I Have No Sister)

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Are you sure you heard him right?

You: Do you know the name of the artist?
Him: Oh, no.

If not, good luck with the search--I once had a song stuck in my head for three months before I eventually found it again by luck (it played for me on Pandora).
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Best answer: Madlib's little brother goes by Oh No, but it's hip-hop. He may have instrumentals/production tracks floating around out there, I wouldn't be surprised.
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There's a band I really like called Oh No Ono which may or may not be what you're looking for.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the replies so far! Unfortunately, none of those artists suggested are what I heard. It was much less singers than it was someone making/sampling music.

And Jebdm, it was definitely him telling me the name of the artist, though on my way home, I totally imagined that the conversation turning into Abbott & Costello.
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Hmm. Only a thought, but downtempo heavyweights Tosca do have a track called Me & Yoko Ono.
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Emi Ono does electronica but it sounds more glitch/minimal than what you might call downtempo.
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I asked a friend of mine who is very much into electonica, he thinks he may know the artist you are looking for, and it is spelled more along the lines of 'Uno'.

I also found an album by an artist named Wilky who has an album called Uno, which this site describes as "a mixture of dance, down tempo and ambient electronic music".

Hope either of these helps.
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A long shot, but it might be Seigen Ono?
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It's not O H M, is it?
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(Their song "Star Fall" is kinda high-pitched.)
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Best answer: Seconding carsonb, I'm guessing it's Oh No. He's much more a producer than a rapper, and he's done a lot of samply downtempo stuff and indie instrumental hip-hop. Dr. No's Oxperiment is my personal favorite.
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Mono perhaps? The UK trip-hop duo... not the Japanese post-rock group. They sing in french on at least one song (which was a small radio hit years ago).
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Maybe Bonobo?
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Response by poster: I wasn't able to find the exact song I was looking for, but all signs point to it being done by Oh No, the hip-hop artist. I don't think I misheard the barista when he said "Oh No" and after listening to Dr. No's Oxperiment, the style is definitely similar.

Even though I couldn't find the exact song, Dr. No's Oxperiment is a great consolation prize! Thanks for all your help, mefites!
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