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How do I get my Akai MPD24 to work under Linux?

"Work under Linux" means "Work on my Aspire One with 1 gigabyte of RAM and an 8 gigabyte SSD."

I'd like to map samples I choose to the pads of the MPD. With Windows it's a piece of cake with FL Studio's FLC. With OSX it's a piece of cake with Garageband's software instruments.

A google search mentions people using it with hydrogen, but it seems as though it's hooked up via midi, which the Aspire One can't do. Is there a way to get it working with USB?

Similar question asked WAY previously, that didn't help much.
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Best answer: Get a Midi to USB adapter that's supported in Linux. Things should be a lot more plug-and-play than it was in 2004 when that previous question was asked.
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Response by poster: The MPD24 has USB out, and that isn't picked up at all. Would a MIDI to USB adapter make it more recognizable?
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I have no idea what the MPD24 is. But, if it has USB and MIDI, you should be trying to find a way to work the MIDI into the computer. The USB probably requires a driver that nobody's written yet for linux--or for which the company refuses to release any specs. But, you can find a MIDI port that linux likes--either on your motherboard of via USB. And MIDI is going to be understood by more linux programs anyway.
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Best answer: First, check that the Akai is being recognized on the usb bus. Open a term and type: lsusb
Do you see it?

I've never played with the Aspire's installed linux distro, but to start, you'll need to install Jack. After that, it's a matter of setting up the routing paths through the Jack control panel.
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Just found the howto I was looking for: Jack quickstart.
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Best answer: If something has MIDI ports, you should be able to talk to it in Linux with a supported MIDI to USB adapter. Unfortunately I can't recommend any particular ones; it's been a while since I've done MIDI in Linux. Hopefully someone with recent experience can recommend one.
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SOmething that may be a bit easier (I've never used Hydrogen, so I've gone ahead and installed it to muck about).

It's picking up my Axiom in the with no problems and no extra/special configuration. Go ahead and install Hydrogen and see if picks up your MPD24 in the Midi System prefs through the ALSA driver.
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