help me get security tags off this video game
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short of a dremel, whats the best way to open the security case of an xbox game i just got from circuit city?

so i bought an xbox game during the circuit city weekend liquidation. last night when i decided to open it, i found out that they forgot to take the plastic security box case off the game. i can't go back to circuit city since they're closed for good.

i found a product description of the box here:

this is similar to another askmefi post. the product description says that there is a magnetic latch and i see it but this case is completely translucent except for a small, thin silver strip flap on the bottom (it's not like what's pictured). I guess could be the magnet but none of the magnets i have around do anything to it. I dont even know which way it should shift to open.

i'm going to borrow a dremel if i can't figure it out.
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You could try taking it to another retailer and see if they have a similar security system. As long as you have the receipt you should be fine.

I've done something similar with security tags for clothes I bought on vacation.
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What about a flathead screwdriver jammed into the crack and a hammer?
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Can you not just hit it with a hammer? You might break the game case, but so long as you don't strike it over where the disc sits, I would think you'd be fine.
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Here's a video of a guy removing the case from a game he got from Best Buy. All he did was take an awl, insert it along the seam of the case and twist.
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Cracking these cases open is notoriously difficult. If you go through the front or back (opposed to attacking the latch mechanism) you're pretty much guaranteed to smash most of whatever is inside.

If you can find something that will reliably grip the ridged slide at the bottom right, you might be able to force it open. Or, use the screwdriver and hammer to shift it into the open position (rather than using it to pry the clamshell apart).

Otherwise, your best bet is to get ahold of two small (1"sq.) supermagnets. Place them along the bottom left edge of the case and slide the ridged bit to the right.

Alternatively, many Borders use this type of keeper, and have the releases at their registers. They may have you speak to a supervisor before it happens, but as long as you're polite and not criminal-looking having them remove the case shouldn't be a problem.
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If you've got an old hard drive hanging around, the magnets in there might work. They are shockingly strong.

Bonus: Super fun to play with even if they don't work.
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In addition to the above:

1. Comb YouTube for videos on breaking these boxes open.
2. Buy an opener off eBay.
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You might be able to get some ideas of how the lock works from patent filings and photos online.

The alternative is just to break it off. If you have access to a decent-sized vice/vise, you could put just the bottom polycarbonate lock system into the vice then just tighten to crush the locking mechanism.
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Best Buy uses those same cases, just take it there. They have the openers at all the registers.
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