High Tops and Pants.
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What kind of jeans/pants should I wear with high top sneakers? And how should I wear them?

Hi Metafilter!

I want to buy some awesome high tops like this because I think they're totally awesome. But I don't know what kind of pants to wear with them. I usually wear regular, sort of baggy jeans, and i feel like they'd cover up the whole shoe (and then what's the point?). I don't really want to wear skinny jeans, but I will, if that's what it takes to show off my awesome shoes. Do you have any suggestions?

Pictures of how you rock your dope high tops would be appreciated.

I am a guy. By the way.
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With shoes like that, skinny jeans, in my opinion, would look like trying too hard, even if you are in the 5% of the population that is justified in wearing them. Just get regular straight leg dark wash jeans, not too baggy. They'll set off your shoes but in a sort of "Oh these? I guess they are kind of awesome" sort of way.
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Yeah, straight leg. I bet the white ones would be cool.
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While I believe that everyone is justified in wearing skinny jeans, I agree that simply switching from 'regular fit' or 'relaxed fit' to straight-leg (sometimes called 'slim-cut') jeans will do a lot to set off a nice pair of shoes.
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Muddgirl, you are more generous than I am. My comment probably reflects more my bitterness at the fact that, after two babies, I am the one who no longer ought to wear skinny jeans.
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Straight leg, with the pants tucked into the shoe's tongue.
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Are you trying to pull off a hipster esque, Sam Ronson, Kayne West kind of look with those shoes? Because those shoes work with an outfit. If they're not part of an entire package, you're just going to look like a guy who spent too much money on his shoes.
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Skinny jeans. Get them long and fold up the hem a lot (like, 2-3 inches).

Everyone will be looking at those bad boys of yours then....
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I would like to refer you to my friend/hero Chymer, who is the master of wearing awesome sneakers. His jeans are baggy on his skinny self but still show off his fly nu-rave sneaks.

You can cuff the pants once, twice, or right under the knee. All these jeans are fairly tight fitting, the gentleman in the first and third photo is actually wearing, yes, girl jeans. It should also be noted that this is not to be done with white tube socks.

Not that anyone needs to be bound by labels and rules, but it should be pointed out that the kids wearing skinny jeans aren't the same kids who are wearing big, puffy, neon throw-back kicks. It's partly a hipster VS blipster VS nu-rave thing but it's also a matter of proportion.

This dude is just wearing Levi's; I know the sneakers are low-key but the jeans hit at the right place to show them off, eh?
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