Need help booking travel for two people - different return dates.
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Two people traveling, want to travel together, one needs to return on a different day. How to do so? Online? Phone?

My GF + I are traveling from Philly to Vegas next month - we need to book our tickets (and soon!) Problem: Online doesn't get you seats next together...nor books both people easily.

We want to travel together on the leg out to Vegas (and sit together!) - she needs to return earlier (several days earlier) for work.

I'm familiar with most of the travel sites (like Kayak) - but I couldn't find a way to book both of our tickets (and get seats next to each other) at the same time (instead of book the first person then the second.)

What's the best way to go about this?

I think I want to use United - they seem to be cheapest - when I called their phone # - it was $25/ticket extra to talk to a human.

Bonus: We're using an Amex to pay for it - should we call Amex's travel services for the best deal? United? Book online?
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Wow, $25 to talk to a human? That's rediculous.

I'd recommend Southwest. Fair from PHL is running just over $200 a person R/T, and their non-assigned-seats boarding method (which many prefer, including me) means you can sit wherever you want. Plus you can book it over the phone at no extra charge if you want.
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You could each book tickets separately online and then either use the airline's online seat maps to change your seats to be next to each other or call United to have the seats reassigned (free). If you can't do it in advance, depending on how many seats are left and what they have blocked off, you should be able to at check-in or at the gate. In the worst case, it should be fairly easy to negotiate a swap on the plane, especially if it gives an aisle to someone formerly in a middle seat.
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Book your tickets then call to get seats assigned. I never end up in the seat I picked when I booked.

Unless the flight is full, you will almost certainly be able to get new seat when you check in.
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Just did this on an international flight, my boyfriend is staying a week longer than me. We booked seperately online (on Continental) and then went back and changed our seat assignments. Unless the flight is nearly full, I can't imagine you'll have a problem
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