Automatically generate mix from folder of mp3s
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Is there a program/script that will automatically create a beatmatched mix a from a folder filled with techno mp3s?

I have a bunch of techno tracks on my computer that I haven't listened to, and I was thinking it would be great to have some script or program that creates a 'preview mix' so I don't have to sit there fast-forwarding past the intro parts for each song.

There's this program 'musicmatch jukebox' that automatically beatmatches tunes into a mix, but you have to manually select each track, drop it in at the right place, configure the transitions, etc. Ditto with Reason. Anybody know how this could be done more automagically (i.e. computer picks the tracks and track order, either based on bpm or randomly or using some rule)
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On the Mac: Ask the DJ. It won't pick the tracks for you, but it will sort a bunch by BPM, play them back without intro/outro, do beat-matching and transitioning.
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Previously. I was quite happy with it, but then, I was doing more down-beat stuff...

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I *think* the problem you want solved is the Travelling Salesman problem. You're probably going to have to do the sequencing yourself.
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Traktor probably does what you need.
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Traveling saiesman problem? That makes no sense. It just needs to provide a command line interface for doing what Musicmatch Jukebox and Reason already let me do -- select a bunch of tracks and then create a mix. The only difference between how I do it now and how I want to do is having the tracks selected automatically. I don't care about ordering.
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And sorry I realized I've been saying musicmatch jukebox when what I meant was "Mixmeister", doh
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