Thunderbird and Lightning, very, very frightening me!
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My Thunderbird/Lightning combo has been behaving oddly ever since a failed attempt to create a repeating event yesterday. It wiped out all events for March and stalls whenever I launch it now, although once launched, it seems to work smoothly. I've been able to add non-repeating events back into March and they are staying in place. My profile is backed up. What next?

I'm running Windows XP SP3 and Thunderbird, the most recent update.

I tried creating my first repeating event in Lightning yesterday (every Thursday, starting March 12), set all the parameters, and clicked Save and Close, but nothing appeared on my calendar. I tried again with no results. I closed, relaunched, and found all my March calendar data was gone, although everything else seemed fine.

Now whenever I relaunch, my usual setup of panes in the Mail view do not appear immediately. I can see the folders on the left and the list of mail headers in the center, but my Events and Tasks panel at the right does not show. Then the entire screen goes white for a couple of seconds, then redraws and shows the same view I saw when I first launched. If I switch to Calendar view, then switch back, after a moment's lag, I finally see my three column layout. I have tried one more time to create a repeating event and it still doesn't work.

So my inclination is to get a final backup of my profile and reinstall, but I'm concerned that there are one or more failed repeating events lurking inside my profile that would just cause this to happen again.

Is this a known issue? Is there anything else I should try before I reinstall?
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My experience tells me that yes, this is probably one of two things:

1) an add-on gone nuts
2) a profile corruption problem (possibly caused by 1)

Some ideas:

- Start by disabling all add-ons and trying again. If this doesn't fix your problem, the ideal solution would be to restore your profile from a recent backup.

- If you don't have a recent backup, make one now, so that while you're screwing around, you don't make things worse. Then you might try exporting your calendar in ical format, opening it in another cal program (or even google calendar) and then re-exporting it. There's a chance that one of the importers/exporters will be smart enough to ignore the wonky event and give you a clean copy back.

- Do you have a copy of your mail you can download? For example, are you using an IMAP server or syncing with Gmail, such that you have an online backup of all your mail? If so, I'd try just installing it from scratch with a clean profile, then re-download all your mail and reload events.
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Disabling didn't work, and I couldn't see a way to export my calendar from Lightning, but uninstalling it and reinstalling it did work (and my March calendar now shows all the events that disappeared earlier as well as several copies of that damned repeating event). Thanks!
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