Help, Itouch musi has disappeared
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Asking for my friend, here's his dilema.... "Of course this happens THE DAY I leave for vacation. All of the music files on my iPod Touch have "disappeared." I say that in quotes because the "Other" file section is suddenly the same size as the music section was last night. Here's a screenshot:"

"The only reason there is ANY audio recognized by the iPod Touch right now is because I just loaded some podcasts to listen to this morning.

How do I get my music back? What the hell happened?! I've searched a bunch of forums but can't seem to find the answer to this..."
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Not sure what happened to you r Ipod but if you sync it with itunes then all your music is saved there no? When stuff like that happens to my ipod I just format the ipod and let it resync.
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The iPod database is corrupt. Connect it to iTunes and click "Restore".
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This happened to me previously when I upgraded itunes on my work computer, connected the ipod, then brought it home and connected it to my home computer which had an older version of itunes. Has the ipod been connected to an older version of itunes lately? Try connecting it to a computer with the newest version installed. In my case that made the files reappear with no harm done.
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This just happened to me last week. I have no idea why, I hadn't done anything different than usual. I had to restore.
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This happened to me too. It needs a restore. I hope you have enough time to sort it out before you leave. It happened to me the day AFTER I started my trip. Good Luck.
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Response by poster: From my friend,

UPDATE: I got a lot of advice, but none of it really worked, so here's what I finally did:

1. I downloaded DiskAid.
2. With that in place I could finally access the music folder so I copied that to my desktop.
3. Then I deleted all the music on the actual iPod Touch, along with the iTunesDB files just to be safe.
4. I re-loaded all the music back onto my iPod Touch through iTunes.

It was a bit of a hassle, but it appears to have worked!
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