At the Opera tomorrow night!
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I am having a party tomorrow to celebrate Friday13 and I want to make mixed drinks to go with a theme. I want to make variations one the recipes for redheaded sluts and bloody mary How can I go about this?

In honor of bad luck I will be showing "Repo! The Genetic Opera", because nothing says bad luck like an evil surgeon coming to reposes your organs. What can I do to make these drinks more sinister?
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We are also planning a Friday13 (/purim/St.Patrick's Day) party tomorrow so I will definitely be watching the comments for suggestions. Apparently there's a drink called a Serial Killer, but it seems like you can find a drink called anything these days.

Another idea we had is to decorate the drinks table with tails-up pennies to symbolize bad luck.
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You can substitute Blavod for your vodka in the Bloody Mary. Maybe that makes it a Typhoid Mary! I once heard a recipe for a drink called the "alien secretion": midori, pineapple juice, and glow stick juice. supposedly that stuff is non-toxic. I don't think I would drink it, but maybe just wash off some small glowsticks that aren't small enough to swallow and put those in the drinks as well.
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I you'd consider serving wine, Zeller Swartz Katz is a great German wine & they generally tend to have pictures of scary looking black cats on the label.
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After Jason Voorhees spent all that time stewing in crystal lake he began to taste pretty clammy. Use clamato juice in your bloody mary (now called a Caesar) to get that authentic taste of the living dead.
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Since you have peach schnapps, you could get a small bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream to make the dreaded Brain Hemorrhage.
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A shot glass full of Bailey's dropped into a glass of Guinness, then chugged, is called a Car Bomb, Car Crash, Irish Car Bomb, or something to that effect. Probably not the best use of either, but it might fit a bad luck theme.
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Response by poster: I love all the drink name suggestions! I was thinking "scalpel sluts" and "Bloody Marnie's" and if all else fails I could just grab a bottle of this and call it Zydrate shots!
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An Irish Car Bomb is a half shot of Jameson's plus a half shot of Bailey's dropped into a glass of Guinness, just to clarify. It is deadly and surprisingly tasty.
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in the sluts, a couple drops of green food coloring might turn it to a dark brown/almost black. then you can make up and appropriate name.
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