Is cosmetic surgery my only option?
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How can I camouflage hooded eyes?

I am a white girl in my early thirties with hooded eyes. This makes me look like I'm angry all the time, even when I'm not. When I smile, I look even weirder. I cannot afford botox or blepharoplasty at this time, but I can drop ~100 usd on makeup. I need to know what makeup to buy and how to apply it to minimize my permascowl.
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I don't know specifics, but maybe examine some pictures of Kristin Scott-Thomas? Whatever she's doing with her makeup, she's doing it right.
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Googling "hooded eyes" provides first-page results made up almost entirely of make-up tips.
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padraigin, is that what people mean when they say hooded eyes? I had never heard the term until someone told me I have hooded eyes.

Mine are like Selma Blair's. I have an eyelid crease, but my lid doesn't show when my eyes are open. Mine are a bit puffier, though, and I really hate them.

I started wearing glasses even though I barely need them. Kind of a cheat, but it's an option. I have never been able to make eyeshadow work for me. Either it doesn't show, or it gets smeared all over my upper lid and looks clownish.
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YouTube videos to the rescue:

I have deep set eyes and am always on the hunt for makeup tips for my particular eye shape. Both of these (Get Positively Beautiful and Looking Younger have directions for hooded eye as well as many others (Asian eye, deep set, almond, close set, big, etc.) I believe Bobbi Brown's new book does as well. I know this because I flipped to all of these books in the bookstore not too long ago. The Looking Younger book is a gorgeous book by the way. It might be worth the purchase if you're interested in owning such a book.
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I doubt that you look weird when you smile, or that your eyes alone make you look like you're scowling.

Not only are my eyes hooded, but one is noticeably more hooded than the other. But honestly, I didn't even know that "hooded eyes" were supposed to be undesirable rather than sultry. (Aside -- is this the same as "deep set eyes," which is my mom's term for her (and my) eye shape?) If I'm dressing up enough to wear makeup, I find a little light or sparkly eyeshadow in the inner corner livens up my eyes.
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Go to Nordstrom or a dept store with nice makeup counters. Tell the people at the various counters (I'd suggest Laura Mercier, MAC, Prescrptives, etc.) and let them know what your concerns are. They have experience with all kinds of faces and can show you some looks and techniques as well as products. This would be the best way I can think of that is free (not including the makeup and/or brushes) and gives you different cosmetic options.
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You can apply a medium eye color from lashline to browline, then create a "false crease" above the lid with a darker shade of shadow. With good blending, it really creates an illusion of an eyelid that's not so hooded. Also, don't bother with eyeliner, because it will not show, but make sure to curl your lashes before putting on mascara.
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desuetude, from the pics I'm finding on google, "deep-set" and "hooded" seem to be opposite. Hooded seem to be when the skin above the eyelids kind of lays atop the eyelids, whereas deep-set seem to be when it's bonier and there is more of a separation.

Sorry for the derail; I have deep-set eyes and have never even figured out how to use eye shadow on myself. Good luck!

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