Help me eat pie on Pi Day
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With Pi Day just around the corner, where do I get the best pie in the DC area?

I moved from PA to NoVA 9 months ago, and this will be my first Pi Day in metro DC. I'm looking for some suggestions on places to get the most delicious pie in the area.

-Within 30 minute drive/metro from the Tysons Corner area
-Must be pie
-Must be delicious

Bonus points for selling pie by the slice. Extra bonus points for selling diner-style pie slices, 6-8" tall.

Can you help me, Hivemind?
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If it's still open - and I can't seem to find a definitive answer on that - go to Reeve's and get yourself a Strawberry Pie. You will not regret it.
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You haven't specified whether this pie should be in a restaruant or for take home. It sounds from your by-slice desire that you specifically want to sit down and use a borrowed fork and maybe get some coffee. There are many pies in fancy restaurants that are good, but I really liked the pie I got from Firehook in capital hill. I've heared this place Baked and Wired is good, tho I never have been there.

But if you want take home pie, your best bet is clearly the Best Pie Ever Place.
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Silver Diner has awesome pie. I know I know - it's a chain, but for a giant apple pie, theirs is as good as I've seen/had.
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I can't vouch for the few I found below, but delicious pies are easy to make at home, so I would assume if it's a business they must be fantastic. :)

The Pie Gourmet in Vienna.
Mom's Apple Pie Co. with a few locations, one of which is Sterling.
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Seconding The Pie Gourmet in Vienna. Everything there is incredibly good, and has been since I was a teenager 20-some years ago when it opened.
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Pie Gourmet, yes yes yes.
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I haven't had pie from here, but I've heard it's good:

Arlington Farmers' Market
Where: The intersection of N. Courthouse Rd. and N. 14th St.
When: Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to noon
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