How do you hire movers?
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How do you hire freelance movers for an in-city move? Seriously.

Due to a physical condition, for the first time in my life, I have to hire movers.

I don't have a lot of stuff, and am willing to pay a fair price. Yet, moving is already costing me a ton, and getting a regular company might run too much. I just don't know who to hire. A real company? Some guys with a truck? I have asked around and nobody I know can recommend anyone. I have looked at CL for movers in NYC and it's just totally overwhelming. I don't know who to trust. Will they just drive off with my stuff? I mean, what's to stop them?

I feel incredibly stupid asking this question.
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I am moving on Saturday, and we are using these guys,, as they have come very highly recommended from several sources (friends, coworkers, family, etc).
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I usually just use the man with the van guys from CL. Maybe I've been incredibly lucky, but I've moved 3 times in NYC in the past 6 years, and never had an issue.
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I've used NYC Moves for two moves, and my most picky, exacting friend in the world used them with no complaints. They maybe slightly more expensive than other movers, but the price they give you is the price you pay- no haggling at the end. The movers are polite, fast, and very careful with belongings. They are also great with communication (calling to confirm, calling if they are running late).

You can also check out movers on Moving Scam. They have some highly rated NYC movers on their discussion boards.
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If you're moving locally, rent a truck from Budget or UHaul. Then, if you're in a big city, go to your local Home Depot and find some day laborers willing to do the work. They're usually standing out front, waiting for someone to pick them up. You'll have to drive the truck, of course, but a lot of these guys are happy to take $15/hr.

In my city, they actually hang out at the UHaul rental place waiting for someone to hire them. As long as you don't have any qualms about hiring guys of questionable immigration status, that's probably the cheapest way to get it done.
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I too use Craigslist. To save money, I rent my own van and just hire the people to load and unload it.
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I went to a University fraternity and posted a sign saying that I needed five guys on a Saturday morning, $100 each, free beer. I had to turn people away.
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I found my local movers in San Francisco on Yelp. No regrets, nothing broken.
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I've used Mary's Movers in NY and they were great. Recommended them to 3 friends and they've also found MM to be great. (646) 335-5966
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I know the guys at College Educated Movers in NYC personally (went to college with them). They're very good and very cheap, and they don't give you one price over the phone and another when they get there.
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I've used citimove with glowing success. Movers bid on your job, and then you choose which bid you want to accept based on user feedback and price. Amazing.

(that said, i think i ended up choosing NYC moves, who were great)
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I also found someone on craigslist. I've ended up using this guy many times and he's much cheaper than any big-named movers I've found. If it's a local move, the risk is fairly minimal since you'll be there when they are loading, you can follow them to the new place, and you're there when they unload.
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I've used Rabbit Movers recommended on an earlier AskMe. I liked them but had some problems with them sending my building a Certificate of Insurance.

Next time I move, I will be using languagehat's suggestion of Big And Gentle Movers (718-672-4339). I didn't use them the last time I moved because I left a message and I was in a time crunch. When they did call me back the guy was incredibly nice and didn't guilt trip me because I didn't use them and requested that I think of them next time I move. I felt like I disappointed my grandpa. I'm moving at the end of April and I'm definitely going to hire them.
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i've used aardvark trucking twice and highly recommend them! reasonable rates and noel is by far the nicest mover i've ever dealt with in my life: (718) 208 5462. tell him i said hi!
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Do you also need them to pack and unpack stuff for you? This is a somewhat different equation than just carting your boxes and furniture from place to place.
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Getting a personal recommendation from a friend is best, if you can, or bribing (or paying!) your friends to help. Otherwise go with someone recommended on Yelp or MeFi! I used College Educated Movers twice, and they were great--fast, on time, affordable, and sweet guys.

Totally not a dumb question, btw. I worried a lot about this too the first time I hired someone.
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