Activity suggestions required for staycation in London.
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I am on holiday from tomorrow (13th March) to 20th March. I live in London. I have decided to spend my time doing fun things here. My list of fun things begins with seeing the Gerhard Richter exhibition and ends with going to the Science Museum Lates. Does anyone have any suggestions of things/places/gigs/events/parties/fun to go in the middle?
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I should add that I like weird music (hardcore, strange indie, sad music), art galleries, films, I am a programmer geek, queer, politically far-left.
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Depending on whether you're a do-gooder or not, Londonist just posted about a Thames cleanup effort you might be able to have fun with, if you feel like volunteering tomorrow.
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The permanent rare books exhibit of the British Library is a must-see for book or history lovers.
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The London Walks folks do terrific walking tours - pretty cheap, lasting a couple of hours, led by interesting and well-up-on-it guides.
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Go to the Shunt Vaults. Reviews here.
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Have a look what's on at the ICA. There's usually something interesting, and the bar serves good food and cocktails (as well as more down-to-earth drinks).
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My San Francisco neighbour Michael Brown will be installing his Blue Rain at the London School of Economics Library. I saw it on his studio floor and in its temporary SF location, and it is beautiful.
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Thank you for all the suggestions. The ICA, Shunt Vaults, the rare books exhibits and the clean-up sound great.
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You should see if there's anything interesting on at Conway Hall, the Bishopsgate Institute, or Gresham College.
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Apologies for the self-promotion, but if you like classical music at all come to our concert on 19th March! We're playing (among other things) Brahms' late, autumnal Clarinet Quintet which many interpret as being quite "sad".
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