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I need help finding resources for free/cheap therapy in Pittsburgh.

I'm a 23 year old female who suffers on/off from depression, anxiety and pretty much non-existent self-esteem. This past month has been particularly hard and a recent break-up has proven to me that I can't do it on my own.

I'm really not interested in being prescribed something, only in a last-case scenario, but I guess talking to someone won't hurt.

I'm no longer a student (taking time off), I don't have health insurance, and only a part-time job (less than 20hrs a week) but live on my own so I can only do something very very cheap, preferably free.

Also, I'm an atheist, so someone who will tell me to pray, etc. is not going to work well, though I guess I'm not really opposed to something in a church setting.

Oh and I realize I probably wouldn't be able to be seen this week, but I also feel it would be in my best interest to see someone at least next week.

Thanks in advance.
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Best answer: If you don't mind being treated by people who haven't quite left academia yet, you can try the Psychology Clinic at Duquesne University for nearly free psychology treatment. They are a specifically catholic university, but I'm friends with one person going there as a psych grad student that is less than faithful, and not just in the "God doesn't let me drink, therefore I do not believe" variety. Best of luck to you, in any case.
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Yeah. Check the local schools. They are an excellent resource for this.
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Response by poster: Oh wow, I didn't even think that colleges would have resources for non-students, that opens up many places. Thank you both!
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Another good option is to google your county and "department of mental health". This will likely give you a list of 'family services' or 'clinic' type sites with sliding scale fees, which are often staffed by incredibly hardworking, great therapists.
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Response by poster: Also anyone with further resources, feel free to comment, I'm guessing this will be something I need to stick with for a while so I may need to "shop around."
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This is my old therapist from Pittsburgh, Rachael Rosen. She doesn't do sliding scale any more, but she's part of a larger practice of therapists, so I would call them and ask if they do anything for clients with financial needs.

Rachael was very attentive and non-religious in her approach, and I expect the rest of her practice is as well. (I had a shrink in Shadyside who was a pastoral counseling sort and that failed to work for my Pagan ass, so I was wary about that sort of thing too.)

If nothing else, their billing folks may know of other options in the Pitt/ CMU area, which may be cheaper due to the preponderance of college kids.
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Response by poster: i have an appointment with the duquesne university clinic next week. it took them more than a month to fit me in, and i'm in a much better place now, but i've decided to go through with it anyways.

it's a 20$ intake fee and a 1 per 1k$ you make sliding scale, with a max of 10$/session i believe.

thanks again!
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