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Is there a way to link to a particular spot on a webpage if that webpage doesn't have built in anchors?

I want to link to a particular item in a very long list on a page of html (ENGL 288-03 on this page of course listings). Is there a way to create a link that will take someone directly there?
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Best answer: no
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Response by poster: Darn. It seems like this ought to be possible. (If browsers had uniform search functions, maybe it would exist.) Guess I'll have to use a search link.
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It wouldn't hurt to drop the webmaster a line and gently suggest that this isn't the best way to present this information. At the very least they should offer a "search this page" box for a page this long (but I'd argue for an information restructuring.

/usability specialist for similar higher ed stuff, who has fought against long pages for years
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Guess I'll have to use a search link.

Guess you did.
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Best answer: It doesn't seem to work as well as it once did, but in a pinch I'll use PurpleSlurple, which makes a granularly linked copy of a page.
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Response by poster: Yup, dersins. I did.

Purple Slurple seems interesting. (Also: Purple Slurple?!)
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Ah! That code! My eyes! My beautiful eyes!

Ahem. It's unfortunate that they've only used id's twice in the code of the page - once at the very top, for "Spring 2009 Undergraduate Courses", and once at the "Drama and Politics" section. If the latter was your area of interest, ocherdraco, you can link to the id value of that section:

<a href="http://www.vanderbilt.edu/english/undergraduate/courses#1223568273374S">Drama and Politics</a>
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Best answer: The AwesomeHighlighter will allow you to highlight a section of a webpage and then get a TinyURL type link that send the person to the page with your highlights visible.

Then the person just has to scroll and look for yellow highlighted text.
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You could take a screenshot of the relevant portion and share it via Evernote's public notebook feature. Then include a link to the real deal and tell your readers to use the search feature of their web browser to find it (an incredibly useful and underutilized feature, that).
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As it's just a couple of paragraphs of text, what's so wonderful about seeing it in context on that ugly page?

Just wondering why you can't just copy and paste.
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He was looking for a way to link directly to it for this FPP, AmbroseChapel.
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Response by poster: Not that it matters, dersins, but I'm a woman.
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Sorry. My bad. I'm usually better about that kid of assumption.
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