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Has anyone in the Portland area signed up with Clear internet home service? Do you like it? I'm looking to ditch Comcast.
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The only reviews I have seen about the service are some people on the PLUG list that were using it. They had issues and opted out before the evaluation period expired. General web browsing seemed to be okay, but things like SSH proved difficult with lots of disconnections.
I guess its an okay service for casual web surfing, but I wouldn't want to cutting out in the middle of something important like banking or online purchases.
But, if you are interested in it, try it out for the evaluation period and see if it will work for you.
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I visited one of their sales offices a few weeks ago and they didn't have a Mac client for their usb laptop dongle thingy. It requires some kind of goofy windows-only sign on app. I don't know if their bigger modem-like thing can be hooked up to a router--forgot the answer to that one.

Speed looked fast, coverage is only in the Portland-metro area now with 50 other cities projected to be online by year's end. I'm thinking of moving to Damascus and he couldn't give me an answer on whether that area is covered. You can even host your own server on their network for an extra $10/month or somesuch.

The rep said they will have a mac client in a few months, at which point I thanked him for his time and left. My apologies the vague answers, but I'll revisit their offering once they get out of their windows-centric worldview.
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I have Clearwire, is that the same thing? If so I'm very happy with it but I don't do much more than casually surf the internet.
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