How do I identify a company that develops online registration/scheduling software?
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How can I identify software for online registration for soccer training sessions? I'm thinking there are some solutions out there that are basically blackbox that can then be tailored to my site, but I haven't been able to turn them up. I don't want to use just something like because I have people signing up for each session and there are dozens of different sessions in a week.

I've seen a couple of software programs on website that look like they could work, but I wasn't able to find any information on the development of any of these, so I don't know if they are in-house software or if they are some sort of commercially available product.

Ideally, I would like to be able to show initially two months (current and next) when a person signs in with the date clickable if there are spaces available for them to register that day. Then, by clicking on the date, it would show the specific sessions available. There are 8 sessions most days and can be up to 8 individuals in a session, but the software would need to be able to note when 8 had been met and show that session as not available.

So, how do I go about identify a product that can be used to provide this type of service? I'm thinking that it's probably something that will need some development/tailoring to make fit my needs, but I'm guessing the company that has developed something like this would be designed to handle that.
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I work in a flight school, and we use online scheduling [as well as billing] through Schedule Pointe. They are well know in the flight school world, although all they do is scheduling, and work hard to make their service work with your needs.
It is a pay service, but I think my boss pays like $12/month or something crazy cheap, for student/aircraft scheduling as well as account billing.
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You might want to look into WhenToWork. It's not designed for what you describe, but I've used it for its intended purpose and think it might work for your needs.
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Best answer: is the program that I've turned up that seems like it will work really well. They include multiple slots per time slot, recurring appointments, allow you to take payments directly through the registration software, allow for packing pricing and more. The pricing seems pretty reasonable will 499/year for most of the features (though an extra 120 to add the POS/ecommerce elements).

Schedule Pointe looks interesting to me as well, but since appointment-plus is set up to easily try a free trial and kind of automates the process, I'm going to look into them first I think.
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