Help me find a table made out of a tree slice!
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Help me find a table top made of a tree slice!

On our recent honeymoon in Costa Rica, my wife and I saw many examples of tables built such that the tabletop was a cross-section slice of a tree. The day before we left, it finally dawned on us that we could look into buying one. Needless to say, we ran out of time. So, now we're looking for a way to purchase something like that remotely. I googled a bit, but haven't hit any good search terms. All the stuff I've found was through crazy-expensive websites. I'm looking for a website, a local fixer, or a seller willing to email photos and arrange shipping. We're looking at a 4-person table, so it would be rather large, probably in the neighborhood of 2 meters in diameter. It would also be nice if the wood were sustainably harvested. If it helps, the ones we saw in Costa Rica were made out of Guanacaste wood, I believe. Thanks for any suggestions!
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Try googling for Slab table this came up for me
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I also think a cross section is called a 'log round' so that might help as well
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They don't chop down trees and they look beautiful.
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(Tree cross section table) yields this.
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Back in the 70s in California, we just about all had tables made of redwood burl slabs.
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Came here to suggest a redwood burl, but jamaro beat me to it. My folks had one shipped from SF to Chicago and we had it in our family room as a coffee table sort of thing. A beautiful piece of furniture.
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A 2-meter diameter circular table would seat 8-10 people. For four, you need something more like 1.2 meters.

I would expect such a table to be quite expensive, regardless of how you buy it.
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These are slabs, not cross-cut tables make from sustainable harvesting, but both places look like they could make custom tables:

Stranger Furniture

Urban Hardwoods Furniture
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My Father makes many sorts of tables, including what you describe. Here's his website:

...and here are some examples:

Table 1

Table 2
Table 3

He happily takes custom orders. (FWIW, he's something of a luddite, so it's easier to reach him via phone than email.)

(Fair disclosure: My Father is my Father.)

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Notice that most (all?) of the larger tables are slabs or burls, not really cross sections. It will be difficult to find that, I think, because of how wood shrinks and cracks as it dries. If they did have such a thing in Costa Rica, there must be a special kind of tree that dries in such a way so it doesn't crack.
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