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How can I create Lightroom preset from Photoshop action?

I have Photoshop action that I really like, and I would like to turn it into Lightroom preset, to save time. It uses Levels and Curves adjustment layers, and I would like to somehow "translate" their parameters to Lightroom, so the output would be identical. But there are no Levels in Lightroom, only Darks and Lights and Exposure etc. I want to be as precise as possible. For example how would you translate this into Lightroom: Levels Adjustment, Channel:Composite, Input: 5,244; Gamma: 1, 23? Same goes for Curves.
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Not sure how (or if) you could do it in Lightroom, but have you looked at scripting in Photoshop? Or running the action on a selection of images in Bridge?
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The black point equivalent = blacks (Develop module); The white point equivalent = exposure (Develop module). Gamma/Midtones = brightness + fill light (Develop module).

In order to maintain maximum control, it may help you to zero out all of your settings (this is a LR preset, so you don't have to do it manually) before you begin.
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