Found it but can't have it
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So close! And yet so far away... I cannot believe I'm spending another AskMe question on this, but I STILL have questions on how to find my perfect raincoat...

A couple of weeks ago I asked this question for help in finding the perfect raincoat.

Well, I found it - but I can only find this particular style on this one website, and they don't have my size (L) (and as of this minute are now out completely).

So here is the question before I give up and go for my second choice: does anyone have a trick for finding clothes that seem to be out of stock on all the major online stores? Is there a way to find out if a store somewhere still has one of these coats lying around? I've called the Michael Kors stores (online and NY) and neither has one and could not give me any tips.

Thank you all again!
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I search ebay repeatedly to find specific off-season or out of stock clothing that i want. A lot of times, it works. I don't see any exactly like what you're looking for, but you might see something I missed; also, if you see a certain seller has the same coat in a different size or color, you could ask them if they have the one you want, because sometimes they do.
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Best answer: Is this it? Just looked for it via google, jeez.
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Response by poster: lizbunny, I can't believe it - I checked for it yesterday and googled for it all over the place, always coming up with 'no more in stock'. They must have added it overnight - I guess the lesson is to check overstock frequently... Thank you!!!
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