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Need some books on the process of creating works of art in different mediums

I've been reading a lot about the process of creativity lately (inspired by Merlin Mann over at 43 Folders and his recommendation of The Creative Habit).

I'm wondering if the good people of MeFi would be interested in sharing any good books (the best books, in your opinion) specifically about the process of creating in different mediums (as an aside, I've seen this link, but I think this question is a little different). By process, I mean the generation of concepts through to completion of the project. I would think that the idea part would probably be similiar across disciplines, but I'm interested to see if that's the case. Anyway, the disciplines can range from the stuff we typically think of as big-A "Art" (painting, sculpture, music, etc.) to processes that are usually considered more linear and "left-brained". I'd prefer it not be super technical, if it can be helped, but suggest what you must. I'd rather it be the best example of the process you know of than it be dumbed down enough for me to understand fully. Thanks!
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Interesting question! I'll be anxious to see what gets posted.

I've seen these books regarded as the best resources for drawing, and indeed, they were what were assigned to us as textbooks in college:

The Natural Way to Draw: A Working Plan for Art Study
by Kimon Nicolaides

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
by Betty Edwards
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I have also seen Andrew Loomis described as an authoritative author regarding illustration techniques. I don't know much about him, but you can actually download all of his books (now long out of print) here.
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These are all very good! They aren't directly what you're looking at as they span across different media, but I think they'll still be a help.

Non-Designers-Design-Book &
Universal-Principles-Design-William-Lidwell &
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Oh, and seconding Non-Designer's Design Book. Terrific stuff.
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"The Return of the Real" by Hal Foster is on the big-A art-crit side of things.
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I remember liking what I read of Robert Henri's The Art Spirit (Amazon has a "search inside"), as well as Bayles and Orland's Art & Fear.
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