Does my perfect full screen text editor exist?
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Does my perfect full screen text editor exist?

I've been using Q10 and it's perfect... except for one thing: the blinking cursor, which spoils the otherwise distraction free environment.

If there's some hack to replace it with an underline or solid block, I'd employ it. If not, is there another full-screen text editor that: 1) works on Vista, 2) gives you full control over both text and background color, and 3) doesn't have a blinking cursor?
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You should email the author and ask for that feature, it would probably be easy to implement for him and from reading his website it sounds like the kind of thing he would do.
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Best answer: In MS Windows, you can turn off the blinking cursor (for all apps):
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Yep, I just confirmed orthonogality's tip works with Q10 - neat, I use it all the time for drafting at work, cool to be rid of the insistent blink of the cursor.
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Response by poster: It works indeed! Much thanks.
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