London cocktail bars recommendations
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Cocktail bars in London that are cheap? And serve food (esp. cake)?

Hello all. I'm going out on Friday night in London with a few friends (2 men, 2 women, all early 30s). Can anyone recommend a decent cocktail bar in London which:

1) Is not too expensive;
2) Serves food (including cake. There must be cake.);
3) Has a bit of a buzz - music and a late licence and a freewheeling mingling spirit (which would probably discount the stuffier hotel bars)?

Thanks a lot!
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Best answer: Boy, "cheap" and "cocktail bars in London" are rarely seen in the same sentence. Then, there's the cake requirement.

But I have one suggestion for you: The ICA Bar. They serve cocktails. Not expensive. Has that young art student buzz - if thats what you're looking for. And they serve cake.
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B @ 1 is good for 2 for 1 cocktails...
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There's the Alphabet Bar. I don't think it has cake though....
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Best answer: Not exactly a cocktail bar nor terribly cheap, Roadtrip on Old Street has cocktails and cake. Really good cake.

If you're really looking for the cocktail bar experience in London, browsing through the reviews on Jay's Oh Gosh! would be a good idea.
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Response by poster: Hey all, thanks for the suggestions!
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Response by poster: In response to an email request, am revisiting this thread to say we went to the ICA bar, which was great fun.

They did indeed serve cake. Good crowd - chatty, dancey, funny. The "tortured bohemian" quotient was non-existent. Quick service at the bar. It was £2 to get into by the time we got there (midnightish, I think).

(ahughey: will try Roadtrip next time I'm in that neck!)
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