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I'm looking for a video artist's website (that I first saw linked on metafilter) -- the artist in question did series (maybe 9?) of web videos of a heavyset guy (possibly the artist himself.) In each of the videos, the guy INTERACTED with the cursor: for example, if you moved the arrow on the trackpad across the video, the guy would suddenly SLAP the cursor out of the way. I've tried all the tags I can think of, but cannot locate the site. Help?
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It's not Hoogerbrugge, is it? I wouldn't exactly describe him as heavy-set, though.
posted by creeky at 12:38 AM on March 11, 2009

Best answer: Found it! It's called Selfcontrolfreak. FWIW, I tracked it down by searching Google Reader for all Mefi posts that included the word "interactive".
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Best answer: ...and the FPP. Tags used were "selfcontrolfreak", "interactive", and "Flash".
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This is a Japanese flash game where you try to keep a little [fat] man from eating your cursor. via Burhanistan in Metatalk
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Response by poster: Bless you, Rhaomi!
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