looking for affordable and cheap hotel/hostels in Los Angeles and San Diego
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Looking for a quiet and affordable hotel or hostel (w/private room) in Los Angeles and one in San Diego during the first week of June! I really don't need anything nice, just a secure place that's close to a mass transit station (i know getting around via transit isn't the easiest, but bear with me...!).

Even a shared bathroom is fine... There's a lot of low-end hotels on Priceline, Kayak, and other places, but I obviously can't tell what's okay and what's not. I know with the economy being down, there should be deals out there. I do a lot of traveling in the US, but normally stay with friends, so I'm not sure what to look for...!
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I stayed in a private room (shared bath) Point Loma Hostel in San Diego last January. It was quiet and the room was tiny but cute. (Not sure how June would compare in terms of quietness.) Even better, free make-your-own-pancake breakfast! And there was a grocery store across the street, so if you are really on a budget you can totally avoid having to pay for prepared food.

It's not as centrally located as the downtown HI hostel, but there were definitely some people staying there who were getting around by bus. (We were in a rental car.)
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I can recommend the Venice Beach Hostel in LA.
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