Female Metrosexuals
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What is the term for a "female metrosexual"? Ladette?
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posted by kenko at 8:41 AM on November 10, 2004

By which I mean, metrosexual is used of men because it's seen to be non-characteristically male, to the point of being feminine, behavior. When women behave in ways that are seen to be non-characteristically female, to the point of being masculine, it's being tomboyish. So while I know what you're asking, I don't know that there's a determinate term for it.
posted by kenko at 8:45 AM on November 10, 2004

um, kenko, the term is in your post: tomboy
posted by jaded at 8:48 AM on November 10, 2004

But tomboys most definitely aren't metrosexuals. There's no word for female metrosexuals.
posted by amberglow at 8:55 AM on November 10, 2004

This is going to sound snide, but it's really not: I've always called them "women." (The alternate term being "Lady" or "Girly Girl" or "Femme" whatever term is appropriate for the people with whom you're speaking.)

Unless you mean something a little more, I don't know, out there, like "butch," a term which, like "metrosexual," is still being redefined and could be used, depending on context, either as a compliment or an insult, and certainly implies cross-gender characteristics.

So: Butch?
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Well, it depends, jaded: if by "female metrosexual" magullo means "a woman who is to ordinary conceptions of femininity what a (male) metrosexual is to ordinary conceptions of masculinity", then it's "tomboy". But that's not exactly the most natural interpretation.
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Count me in among the confused. I assumed metrosexual meant a straight man employing feminine stereotypes; therefore a woman employing feminine aspects would be... umm.. a woman.
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An ultrafeminine high maintenance female? Kids, that's a Trixie.
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right, "Trixie". a Trixie gets manicures, pedicures, and waxings on a weekly basis (and probably carries all her electronics in a specially-designed leather case) like a metrosexual, and she does it in a way that flaunts it more than most women who routinely have pedicures &c.

like an ordinary woman would cancel her manicure if she had to stay late at work or blow it off if you needed her to drive you to the emergency room. a Trixie would see if she could reschedule it first, then deal with whatever got in the way of it. thus, she's beyond an ordinary concept of a "woman employing feminine aspects"
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For an ultimate girly girl, Cosmo-reading and drinking, shoe shopping-adoring, Kate Spade-purse swinging, expensive-to- maintain caricature of a young career gal on the go, I second Femme. Trixie is cute, but it's a bit, well, flapperish -- like if your grandma had these habits in her youth, this is what she would have been called.

Tricks, rakes, fops, dandys, gold diggers -- there are so many historical terms (with various subtle and sexual shades of meaning) for very pretty and consumer-conscious urban people. Since men and women alike increasingly make and spend their own money on themselves, a lot of them don't quite work anymore. These little crises of nomenclature are always interesting.
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Trixie may be flapperish, but it's enjoying a revival. Lincoln Park Trixies on the web.
posted by kenko at 9:38 AM on November 10, 2004

magullo, we're hurting for clarification. Do you mean androgynous/boyish hipster girls, or high-maintenance materialistic women?
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But a slightly gender bending, allegedly straight, well off, urban female, why not Metrosexual for her, too?
posted by rainbaby at 9:39 AM on November 10, 2004

OK, then I'll look forward to welcoming our new cloche-wearing, boop-bo-bedooping marcelled manhunting overlords, perhaps with a slug from my flask and a cry of "Oh you kid."
posted by melissa may at 10:08 AM on November 10, 2004

I haven't seen anyone say it: fashionista?

That is if you're referring to women who view labels, 740il, and Eames furniture as essentials. They used to be called gold-diggers, but now women earn money on their own I believe.
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oh yeah!

A google image search for "it girl" turned up these hideous gargoyles.
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Response by poster: Clarification? Isn't that like going to totally spoil the fun?

OK, here it is: how about a seriously-kick-ass-world-champion in, say, oh, beach-volley-ball? I don't mean to imply that all female practitioners of that noble sport are metrosexual; just trying to paint a picture of a woman with hardcore instincts, but also a very let's-celebrate-femininity attitude. *And high maintenance has nothing to do with it.* (Now, wait a minute ...)
posted by magullo at 11:10 AM on November 10, 2004

oh, you mean like all the junior partners at my last law firm?
posted by crush-onastick at 11:15 AM on November 10, 2004

We could just simpify things and call all of them, male and female, "annoying".
posted by briank at 11:58 AM on November 10, 2004

Metafilter: Crises of Nomenclature
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Metafilter: Crises of Nomenclature. Coming soon to a theater near you.
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