Where are all the good D&D websites?
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Give me your recommendations for good sites/articles about playing roleplaying games.

After about 10 years away from roleplaying, I just started up a new D&D 4e campaign. I'm DMing, which is fun, but hard, so I want all the help I can get. I know there must be some good websites/blogs out there devoted to the topic.

So far I've come across dungeonmastering.com and roleplayingtips.com. These seem like a pretty good start.

It doesn't necessarily have to be about D&D. I'm not so much looking for rules reference, but ideas/advice on how to make the world realistic for my players, and how to make sure the game is fun, that sort of thing.
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The forums at EN World.
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Be sure to take a look at the columns, especially the old ones. I used to read them all the time, and I've never actually RPed in my life. :p
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Jeff's Gameblog (and Erol Otus shrine).
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Gnome Stew, dig into their links especially.
Treasure Tables.
The RPGSite.
Core Mechanic.
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Thanks guys. This stuff looks really good!
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This site isn't really about RPG's directly, but if you're looking for cheap alternatives to buying miniatures then you can print as much as you want of these:

One Monk

The figure sets are only a few dollars a PDF.
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This is semi-related, hosted through an obvious resource - on the Wizards.com site is a series of podcasts of the fellas from Penny Arcade, PVP Online, and Wil Wheaton playing through a 4ed campaign, which is the first tabletop RPG several of the players have been involved with. It's interesting to hear how the various players deal with the tropes of the system, adjust to the ruleset, get into character, etc.; it also gives a decent live-fire example of how games can run and how folks react to the game. I think they're up to 8 or so podcasts so far.. also, as a side benefit, the 'casts are hilarious, doubly so if you're thick in the gamer culture already.
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