RideGuide in NYC
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The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority's Web site has a really neat application - RideGuide - that enables you to enter the addresses of your start point and destination and times, and it will crank out the subway and bus connections you need to get where you want to go.

Is there a New York City equivalent?
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I don't know about NY, but we have something similar in Boston.
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Here's one for the San Francisco Bay Area.
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Sorry, don't know about New York.
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I'm not aware of one, and I probably would be if there were.
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Portland (well, we have buses and light rail).

I just moved here from New York, and I don't believe there's a similar service on NYC's MTA website. They give good maps and rough schedules, but because the system is so overwhelmingly huge -- and there are so many unpredictable X-factors in terms of subway operations, and street traffic that buses have to deal with -- it would backfire if the MTA tried to tell you the precise minute when you could transfer from the L to the B61 or such. Just include a bit more time than you think you'll need. (Plus, at least during the day, most subway lines except the G and the JMZ are pretty frequent.)
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Response by poster: And to bring things full circle: Washington DC and its 'burbs. Sorry 'bout that, New York. Thanks, all.
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Trips 123 covers not only the NYC subway, but all mass transit options in the NY metro area. It offers very detailed directions and looks pretty neat.
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The old WMATA site had a feature called "Services Around a Location" that let you find the nearest subway stop for an arbitrary local address. I've not been able to find it on the new site. Anyone got a link?
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I guess we're all [not]answering this one so, here's Seoul.

Oh and as for NYC I have no idea (but you knew that).
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I just tested Trips 123 to see what it told me for a trip I always used to take between an address in the East Village and one in Queens, and it did fairly well. Although it did tell me to take the 6 line instead of the closer F/V (adding 10 extra walking minutes), and it didn't seem to understand that in the borough of Queens, the "city" part of any street address is the neighborhood name -- i.e., "Long Island City, NY" or "Astoria, NY" instead of "Queens, NY." But overall, a cool service. Thanks, andrewruff.
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(I mean andrewraff!)
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