Chicken bones in NYC please
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Where can I buy chicken bones in Manhattan (or Astoria)?

I could have sworn I saw an identical question in the green within the last couple months but very extensive googling hasn't turned it up (the thread about NJ doesn't count). I'd like to buy chicken bones or necks for stock in NYC - Manhattan or if at all possible Astoria. The tour du butcer has come up empty; we've tried several places but they've only had beef bones.

Any recommendations, or even just a link to the original thread and prompt deletion of this one? Thanks in advance.
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don't know about bones but for chicken necks just go to a chinese butcher/supermarket, they sell all the parts. not super familiar with flushing chinatown but you should be able to find one fairly easily within a few blocks of the train.
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By the way, I'm looking for a lot of necks/bones at once - about 5lb.
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doesn't answer your question, so feel free to diss, but in park slope there's a store called eagle provisions that carries backs and necks at like 25 cents a pound, and they definitely have 5 lbs.
Its a polish maybe try to find a similiar polish grocery up near you somewhere.
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5 pounds of anything is not going be a problem in chinatown—seriously, you can get five pounds of chicken FEET easy peasy—but if you're determined to be worried: my super awesome neighborhood butcher jeffrey at the essex st market supplies a lot of restaurants with all kinds of products, many of them last minute. give him a call and he will do you right.
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In my area (a long day's drive from you), it's almost impossible to buy such parts because there's not enough of a market for them to make it worth the stores while to offer them. Why not make stock from a whole chicken or from other more available parts? I get leg quarters for <$1/#. For only 5# worth, it seems unlikely that you're going to save enough money to make an exhaustive search worthwhile.
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Eeek. ...stores'...
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Great answers. Thanks everyone.
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