What is the name of this animated movie?
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Please help me identify this animated movie: set in Africa, possibly Zanzibar, about a hippo or elephant...

I used to watch this film on video in the late '70's, early '80's and it was one of my favourites. I've always thought it was about a hippo that had to leave Africa and go to Zanzibar but Googles etc in this area have been fruitless.

The only scene I can remember clearly is of a line of men stretching from the shore to the boat in the distance and passing the goods to be loaded over their heads.

Inspired by MeFi's ability to identify movies based on the flimsiest bits of information I come seeking your help in restoring this childhood memory.

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Could it be Hugo The Hippo?
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Ha ha - no, I don't think it is. Have been watching some of the psychadelic stuff from that movie on YouTube though... very entertaining.

The animation was a little more developed than that, if you know what I mean.

Thanks though.
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I swear I remember this, too. I might be thinking of Hugo (I remember sharks) but the screengrabs and the plot look all wrong to me. I had a book of it and I loved it. I seem to remember a shark with a German military hat (ie the kind with the spike on top) but I might be way off.
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(Okay, upon closer inspection of the Hugo poster it seems like one of the sharks might be wearing the helmet I described.)
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Thanks Ironmouth, I love Babar but it's not that either.
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