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Please suggest some chill activities for a couple in Bodega Bay this weekend.

My wife and I are taking a short excursion to Bodega Bay this weekend. This our first trip there (although we have been to Pt. Reyes once) and I wanted to get some advice on interesting & fun things & places from some folks that have actually been there before.

Here's the catch: my wife is 20 weeks pregnant, so certain raucous activities are not gonna happen: drinking in bars, horseback riding, slurping raw oysters, soaking in hot tubs, etc.

What we're up for: light hiking, beach walks, eating delicious seafood & veggies, checking out interesting local landmarks or museum-ish type places.

Are there any specific beaches, hiking trails, restaurants or landmarks that we just shouldn't miss?
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What you are up for pretty much describes Bodega Bay to a T.
Sunset Magazine just did a recent article on Bodega Bay. They will find the most expensive things of course but landmarks will be listed.
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Best answer: I'm a local, so I'm afraid I don't know all of the best touristy things, but here's my list:

The Tides Wharf restaurant restaurant is always a classic, with gorgeous views at Sunset.

Hitchcock filmed The Birds at Bodega Bay, and you can still drive past the Potter Schoolhouse (now a private home, that I guess offers tours). You can also visit the Bodega Bay Visitor's Center.

There's a small building with a pink & white (or maybe red&white) striped roof in Bodega Bay, you can't miss it. They sell very excellent salt water taffy.

Goat Rock, further north from Bodega Bay is a nice beach which serves as the mouth of the Russian River.

If you want a nice small drive, take Highway 12 west towards Santa Rosa and check out the Luther Burbank Home and Garden.
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Bodega Head offers a nice, easy, gorgeous hike that'd be pretty much perfect for the prego wife.
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Oh, and Seaweed Cafe is supposed to be a decent slow-foody restaurant. It gets mixed (but mostly good) reviews on Chowhound.
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If you're looking for outstanding breakfast you can take a short drive to Graton. There is a small little place called the Willow Wood Cafe. Also a hop skip and a jump from the town of Sebastopol.
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Just drive to Doran Park, park there and walk out and around. It's easy walking and you have nice views of the ocean. There are picnic tables, too. You'll need money to park. You've chosen a great weekend, as the weather is supposed to be pretty nice this weekend with a small chance of rain Saturday. Here's a link to the official Bodega Bay website.
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