Graduate Programs in Media Studies
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[GradSchoolFilter] Anyone know of any good progams in Media Studies out there? Similar to, for instance, MIT's Comparative Media Studies program? I've found this list at Vassar's website, but I was hoping some denizens of the Mefiverse might know of some more.
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RPI's iEAR program. I'm not sure what your focus is, so RPI's program may not be what you're looking for, but as a graduate of the school as an undergrad, I figured I'd mention it.
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CF, I don't know about any of those other schools, but I have a BA in Communications/Media Studies from UMass Amherst. The program there was fascinating and was strongly focussed on media bias and underrepresentation of minorities in media and that sort of thing - very Chomskyesque. That said, as an undergrad I found classes difficult to get into and felt some hostility from some of the professors directed at undergrads in general. I really enjoyed what I learned there, but found the department crowded and the professors cranky. The grad school is probably a much more positive experience.
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I have a friend who goes to the New School program in NYC. He loves it.
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NYU's Anthropology department runs a joint specialization in "Culture and Media" for MA and PhD students with the Cinema Studies department:
The program’s philosophy takes a broad approach to the relationships between culture and media in a number of domains including: ethnographic film’s significance for the fields of anthropology and cinema/media studies; problems in representation of cultures through media; the development of media in indigenous, Diaspora, and non-Western communities; the emerging social and cultural formations shaped by new media practices; and the political economy shaping the production, distribution and consumption of media worldwide.
NYU also has a non-teaching Center for Media, Culture, and History, and the anthro program has at least four profs with media-centered research interests.
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