Cause of palate pain when eating
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Pain in the roof of the mouth when eating, often the first meal of the day.

My Google-fu has failed. Just unanswered questions. Anyway, sometimes when I have a meal, usually the first of the day, the roof of my mouth starts to burn to the point where I have to stop eating.

Usually it is dry things like a bagel before eating or drinking something else, but right now I'm having some veggies that were cooked in olive oil and it's doing it again.

Anyone know what triggers this? Or at least a soothing remedy.
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I'd get checked for B12 deficiency or candida.
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Response by poster: B12 deficiency is a possibility
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Oh wait, is this the thing where the roof of your mouth feels like it has a sore throat? And actually having anything in your mouth triggers the pain, even if it isn't touching your mouth roof? And swallowing is agony - you literally cannot get food down and even sipping water is staggering?

Yeah. I get that once every... two or three months? And only at breakfast. The roof of my mouth (both hard and soft palates) will actually be slightly inflamed. I have chronic sinus issues, so I associate this pain with a ridiculous snorefest the night before, or clogged sinuses, or both (as once leads to the other.) I choke down some Sudafed and it's gone in an hour or two, though a little tender through the day.

I never thought much about it, so now I'm going to feel really stupid if this is zOMG a sign of something serious. (It's so intermittent though...)
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Just chiming in to say this happens to me, too, once a month maybe. I mentioned it to a doctor once and she said that since it goes away by itself fairly quickly I shouldn't worry about it.
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More hydration before you eat. I've had this-- and I'm not ruling out that it might be B12-related or anything that other folks have suggested, I'm not a doctor-- and usually a full glass of water before I resume eating seems to help.
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If it's in the morning only, I think it's likely soreness from an a swollen soft palate after a night of snoring combined with dry mouth from mouth breathing for the same reason. Try some tea with honey before eating and it should help.
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fairytail has likely nailed it. your palate is loaded with small salivary glands which can become dried out if you are not adequately hydrated or you are a night time mouth breather. drink plenty of water and see what happens, look at your palate in the mirror (or have someone look for you) and note any redness or whiteness (it should be pale pink)
mention it to your dentist at your next check up.
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Response by poster: I'm fairly sure it is worst near the glands. At least I assume those two more significant indentations I can feel with my tongue would be those.

I agree that dehydration and dry mouth is also very likely culprits in my case.
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