How to not blind self using cheap $199 specials?
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How can I find the best LASIK eye doctor in the NYC Metro region? I've just been cleared for laser eye surgery by my optometrist, and can't seem to find any sort of way of determining who is likely to blind me and and who can do an awesome job.
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My understanding of the statistics is that doctors that have done more do it better. If there isn't a ranking somewhere you can find, you can at least use that as your yardstick: "how many have you done" and "how much will it cost".
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I'll email you the name of my doctor tomorrow. His contact information is at work.
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Oh, here he is. Dr. Mandel. Crappy website but good doctor. I had no problems at all.
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I had my surgery done by a corneal surgeon who also does a lot of Lasik. He and his office are amazing and the results have been great for me.
He's in the DC area but is worth the train ride. He has people come in from all over the world.


I had been wearing contacts since I was 7 (I'm 24 next month) and my vision was at -4.75. I've been 20\15 now for almost a year, with no halos, dry eyes, etc. I think I was seeing perfect by the first day after surgery.

Anyway, he isn't a $1999 cheap, he's not that close, but he's the only person I would have ever trusted my eyes with. He also does the corneal flap cut with a microkeratome which is incredibly precise.
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Ask the optometrist who cleared you for the surgery. When I worked as an optometrist's assistant, we provided follow-up care for our patients who had had LASIK, and we quickly figured out which doctors were doing a better job than others. We always made recommendations to patients who asked.
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Off-topic (I live on the west coast), but do note the process will not be as painless as they say. Thankfully my father, who drove me home, kicked down a couple vicodin. Also--they didn't warn me about the smell or vaporised eye-flesh. I'm queasy in general and this was hard to take. Thankfully the process is 5 min, front to back.

All that said, it was the best $1900 I have ever spent. 20/15 still.

I just wish they were more upfront about the process.
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Don't trust anything you read on without researching Glenn Hagele first.
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Since vaportrail put in that data point I'd like to put in mine:

I didn't experience any pain during or after. All I experienced was a suction feeling during the surgery. I was only given some mild anxiety pills about an hour before surgery and I took something when I got back home to help me get to sleep.

Also, they explained everything to me to the detail in any questions I had and even broadcast the surgery on a cc tv system if you wanted someone to watch or take pics while it's being done.
(I love the close up pics I have of my cornea flap being cut haha.)
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I just had LASIK in January at the Stahl Eye Center, and I would wholeheartedly recommend them. The doctors were fantastic at explaining everything beforehand and answering all my questions and concerns. They provided a driver to and from the surgery itself, and the follow up visits have been great. I'm at 20/15 and have had no problems. I also didn't experience any pain during or after the surgery. It was a very weird feeling, but not painful.

Stahl was the second LASIK center I visited, and I am happy that I chose them over the first place. Totally worth the money!
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I went to TLC and I'm happy with my results. I agree with amyms, your optometrist should be able to suggest someone.
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