Wod 2002 - changing the default data source type in mail merge
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I have a question about changing the default data source type used in mail merge documents in Word 2002.

When I start a new mail merge document in Word 2002 using the Mail Merge Wizard I am able to create a new list of recipients, which is saved in a new Access database file. However, I would like the list to be saved a table in a separate Word doc. Is there a way to change the default data source type that the recipients are saved in?

I realize that I could create a new Word doc with a table of recipients and then select that file as my source in the wizard, but it would be easier (for my coworkers) to have that new file created when the letter is created.

Google and office.microsoft.com haven’t helped me out yet, and I have a sneaking suspicion that MS wants me to use Access.
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I'm using Word 2000, and if I use the "Create data source" option in the wizard, it does automatically save it as a table in a word document. I'm quite sure I never set it as an option, so I'm surprised that yours is defaulting to Access.
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Response by poster: I think that's been changed in Word 2002. My coworkers said that that's how it used to be, but when their systems were upgraded (before I got here) to XP and Word '02, the default data source was suddenly Access databases.
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